10 Things I No Longer Waste Money On

Inspired by recent Instagram posts, here are my 10 things I no longer waste money on:

1. Expensive Vitamins

I researched a lot of evidence to suggest you’re just paying for kinda fancy wee (as you don’t absorb most of it). I cut out the tablets and worked on getting the vitamins and nutrients from my diet.

2. Coffee From Chains

I used to buy 1-3 a day from Costa, Starbucks etc. Due to calories and cost, I now make them at home and take them in a thermos.

3. Living in London

I moved out of London 3 years ago and although I love the city, I knew I would have a better life outside of it (so expensive!)

4. Full Priced Theatre

I love my theatre shows and still go 10+ times a year but I shop around for good deals first

5. First Hand Clothing

I used to shop just when bored and never returned anything (would donate it all)

6. Dining Out Every Weekend

We still go for meals out but I try and keep it to a treat. We probably go out to eat once a month now

7. Travel at Full Cost

I still travel but I’m way more savvy that just blindly buying tickets

8. Music Services

£9.99 a month for Spotify might be too much for some but personally I think it’s worth every penny

9. Designer Items

I only buy pre owned and only buy if I really want something.

10. Over the Top Food Shop

We cut our food shop right down and only buy what we will actually eat!

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