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Do you desperately need a wardrobe declutter? I did so I made this little spreadsheet to help in a way I would learn. Once I shared it on Instagram, loads of you reached out for a copy so I’ve spruced it up and posted it here for you to use on your wardrobe.

How It Works

This spreadsheet works by splitting up your ‘categories’ of clothing so you can see what you need to declutter. For example, if you have 20 plain tee’s and set your declutter ratio to 25% then it will ask you to cull 5 of them however if you only have 4 day dresses then you’ll only need to declutter 1 of them.

There’s no perfect science to this and if you’re holding 4 dresses in your hand and you love all 4 then just ignore what it’s asking you to do. But if you’re holding 4 and there’s clearly one that you like the least then that’s the one to go. You might even find you can cull 2!

Instructions are included in the file but you start by filling in what percent of your wardrobe you want to cull. Then you have to count all your current categories. This may take an hour or two and might be all your want to do the first day if it’s overwhelming. Not not forget what’s in your laundry basket either!

After you’ve counted, pop it all in the orange boxes. It will then tell you how many of that category you should declutter to get to your optimal number. If it seems like a lot, reduce the original percent you chose. Only you will know what the right number is and it’s okay if it’s ‘just’ 5% to begin with. This process is more about being aware of what you’ve got.

wardrobe declutter guide

So once you have your difference to declutter number, start culling! As mentioned, you may find you can cull anything from a category or you may find you want to cull more than it suggests – both are fine. You will know what feels right.

Keep track of how many items you’re decluttering in the green boxes. It will give you a new count and how many is left to reach that initial number. If you find you’re done then just ignore the final column.

”Wardrobe Declutter Guide” For Google Drive Users

For this option, you will have editing rights as it’s your copy so please follow the instructions to use the guide correctly. If you have any questions, please message me in any way you’d like.

  1. Open up the main copy. You can find the link here.
  2. You won’t be able to edit this one so make a copy, add to your drive and it’s ready to use.

”Wardrobe Declutter Guide” For Excel Users

  1. Click this link to download – Wardrobe Declutter Guide by TheFrugalFox.org
  2. Follow the guide on the first tab and it’s ready to use.

DM me, leave a comment or message me how you’d like and let me know how you got on.

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