Turn Your Dreams Into Money

‘Turn Your Dreams Into Money’ The Ultimate Blog Course

Who wants to take the next step with their blog? I did but had no idea how to do that – until this blogging course came along. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with conflicting advice and people pushing products. Often, the only people you can trust are fellow bloggers who have already trawled through the rubbish and tried every option. To me, trusting an established blogger over a big brand company pushing products is a no brainer.

When Emma Drew invited me to try this course – I knew without hesitation that I would be saying yes. To my non-blogging friends, I describe Emma as the ‘Beyonce’ of the money blogging world. She is at the tippy top and if I can learn from her then I know I’m going to make TheFrugalFox.org a success.

Do I Already Need to Have an Established Blog?

Actually, no. This course will take you through your options to start up your blog and advise you on how to get the most from it on day one. Emma speaks with hindsight and explains the steps she wish she had done from day one so you don’t make the same mistakes.

If you do have an established blog then this course just takes it to the next level. Even if your blog is 10 years old, this course will help you see the improvements so next 10 years will be better and stronger. Currently,  TheFrugalFox.org is 6 months old, so it’s young enough to make important changes that will see it prosper in the future.

The course takes you through every possible step you could need from setting up, gaining traffic, to tweaks and improvements that will grow your site. The modules are all clearly labels so you can jump to the one you need or go back to a guide you need to go over. Without this course, I would still be stuck where I was – afraid to move forward to fear of stepping the wrong way. Now, I’ve already started to implement big changes that have seen a positive effect already.

The Course’s Best Bits

There were a couple of sections of the course that went above and beyond what I expected.

The first point in which I knew this course was amazing was a section entitled ”Must Have Plugins”. Emma takes you through the ones she uses, what they do, why they’re so important, which ones you need by law and what differences they made to her traffic and site.

There’s also a section on security and protection. As someone who understands how these hacks can happen, I was surprised and thrilled to see the importance that she placed on ensuring your site will be covered. I immediately put some things in place that will protect me in the future.

The course gives you many different avenues to bring traffic to your blog – some I was doing, some I knew I had to do but didn’t know how and some routes I had no idea could bring traffic in!

With that traffic, the course teaches you how to simply utilise that traffic to actually make money from the blog. So far, TheFrugalFox.org has become a second job so making money in the future is certainly on my list for the hours I’ve put in. This course is a one stop shop for affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, advertising and many other routes. Even if you’re using some of these angles, make sure you’ve set it all up.

The Emotional Aspect

It may not be the most important thing or the first thing that comes mind when you’re looking for a new course to take but Emma really helps with the mental and emotional aspects of setting up and running a blog. She teaches that it’s okay to be imperfect and the only thing that’s important is to keep making progress.

It was refreshing to find content that looked after every angle of your blog physically as well as your mental health regarding working alone and selling yourself if it’s not something you’ve done before. Emma straight up tells you it’s not going to be easy and is open and honest about the work that will be involved. When you have self-doubts, re-reading this course will push you through it and affirm

Turn Your Dreams Into Money course

I cannot recommend this course enough. The best part is that it doesn’t read like spam or promise you the world. It just gives you endless recommended routes for the most polished results. The course helps you with things that you sort of know you need to do – such as check if your blog name is registered on any social media accounts. This course tells you to do it, tells you why it’s going to help you, shows you how to do it and then gives you the link to do it making the advice as easy as possible to follow at every turn.

It’s simple, easy to follow and will certainly give you positive results on your blog. Unplug from the world for the weekend and give this course all your attention – it’s a one stop for everything you could need about running, building, earning from and maintaining your blog.

Sign up today and take your blog to the next level!

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