The Pressures of Blogging

In July 2019 I got married. Since then I’ve been taking a hiatus from blogging due to a variety of reasons. Reasons which, at the time, I couldn’t recognise for what they were – I just knew I wasn’t blogging but struggled with the why.

One of the issues was self-motivation. When you blog, you do it in your own home, with no-one around. It may sound idyllic, also means it feels like no-one cares if you post or not. It can feel like a very lonely venture sometimes and that can be hard to push through. You have to voluntarily give up free time with your spouse or friends to sit in a room and type into a computer with no gaurentee if anyone is reading or not – that’s hard to tell yourself to do.

But to get back into it and counter this negative mind-frame I’ve created a template to stick to for 2020. I can’t promise I’ll hit every week but I’m going to try (because I do love it).

Another issue is the subject matter. I write about money-saving lifestyle content. There’s only so many times you can say ‘stop buying things and you’ll have more money to buy the things you want’. To counter this, I’ve added more subjects to my 2020 calender so I can have more things to talk about.

Another issue was just WHEN I could blog. I have a full time high-pressure job which takes up 50 – 60hours a week of my attention. Other bloggers have the luxury of quitting their job and blogging full time. I’m not there (and not even sure that’s what I want!) so everything I do, I have to do in the remaining time I have left in the day. With the wedding approaching, it was easier to shut down than deal with it. Then it was hard to get back into it.

You also start to question what your readers want to read about. For instance, we went on a cruise holiday followed by a week at Disneyland Paris. It felt almost unfair to post about these things when I think my readers are struggling to make ends meet. But I have to remember, we can afford these things because we don’t spend money on other things.

And the final problem was anxiety. I gave myself so much pressure to join different groups and post as good as someone else that it circled back around and came out in the form of blog-depression. I just never felt good enough.

So, in 2020 I’m going to blog for me, about the things I want write about and stop comparing my site to other peoples. This is mine and I’m proud of what it is. I hope you’ll join me on the ride.

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