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You may or may not have heard of Tessuti (I hadn’t until recently) but they are an official stockist for designer items so I had to give them a try and a review. A lot of people are nervous about ordering from places they haven’t heard of and even my Instagram post about my experience had a few people asking if I was sure I ordered from a genuine place. And so, I wanted to give a full write up with all the details about what they got right and what they got wrong.

What is Tessuti?

Tessuti describes itself as below.

Established in 1985, Tessuti is a modern premium fashion destination, housing over 100 men’s and women’s designer collections from established fashion houses and up-and-coming designers. With over thirty years of luxury fashion retail experience, our curated selection of premium fashion brands is available both online and in-store.

Now, I would personally describe Tessuti as an ”on-line and in-store stockist of designer first-hand goods at retail or less than retail prices”. I haven’t been to a physical Tessuti store yet, so for this review I’ll be focusing on my recent order and experience.

My Tessuti Order Experience

I actually really love the stock selection on Tessuti. Of the 134 brands they sell, I had heard of 47 (35%), I would consider buying from 35 (26%) and I actually love 8 brands (6%). I actually find that pretty good as most of the online designer stockists I come across have either much less designers OR more designers but 1 – 3 products from each designer.

In the end I went for a Vivienne Westwood keyring and a Barbour scarf.

Problems With My Order

Yes – ‘problems’ plural.

My first issue was with the Vivienne Westwood keyring I ordered. It was £9 reduced from £50 so I was super chuffed at that saving. I was actually going to take it off the keying and use it as a pendant on a necklace which is something that’s been on my wish list for literal years.

Once I’d placed my order, I went back to the site to find it again to take screenshots for the post and it said something akin to ‘Sorry we do not have this item in stoke’. So I thought ‘Wonderful! I got the last one which is why it was probably so discounted’. However, 2 days later, I got the below email from Paypal.

Tessuti order
The email from PayPal

I was quite annoyed but then again, if they couldn’t fulfil the order then at least I got a refund straight away. The only problem I had afterwards is that I never actually got an email from Tessuti explaining why I had the refund. I worked it out because I saw that there was none left after I ordered but it’s frustrating they didn’t reach out and let me know and apologise. I just got an auto email from Paypal with no explanation why.

My second issue was that I ordered and paid for Next Day Delivery which was £5.99 and it was not delivered until 3 days later. Now, I didn’t complete my order until about 11pm on the 10th so I didn’t expect the order until the 12th as I’d missed the cut off. But it didn’t even get delivered on the 12th, it got delivered on the 13th. Again, not an issue if they had reached out to me to apologise but I had to contact them to request the Next Day cost to be refunded. Courier mistakes happen, I’m not going to bust their balls about it but I think they should track, apologise and refund as part of operations.

I got the email saying they would refund the £5.99 Next Day cost but at the time of writing they still haven’t processed it. See the timeline below for how long they took to actually refund it.

Remember I ordered a keyring, a scarf and next day delivery. Well, I got a scarf. No keyring and no next day delivery. Both mistakes might have been out of their control but they need to reach out to customers to keep them in the loop or people will get frustrated with the lack of communication.

Timeline of Order

10/01/2018 – Signed up to Tessuti.
10/01/2018 – Order placed (including next day delivery).
12/01/2018 – Predicted date of delivery (I missed the cut off for the 11th).
12/01/2018 – Paypal refund of £9.00 with no email explaining why.
12/01/2018 – Email confirming item is on it’s way at 10PM.
12/01/2018 – I emailed Tessuti to ask for Next Day Delivery cost refund.
13/01/2018 – DPD sent tracking info and delivered item.
15/01/2018 – Confirmation email that next day delivery would be refunded.
19/01/2018 – No information yet about why the £9 was refunded (although I can figure it out!) and no actual refund for the next day delivery has appeared in my Paypal as yet.
25/01/2018 – Tweeted Tessuti about the Next day delivery refund not being processed and they replied saying they will pass it on.
04/02/2018 – Got my £5.99 next day refund! This was 20 days after I got the email saying they would raise it and also 10 days after I tweeted them about it.

The Scarf

I was really happy with the scarf – especially as it’s another item that’s been on my designer wish list for a while. The scarves from Barbour.co.uk retail for just under £30 (for the wool) and this was discounted down to £15 and was the colour that I wanted. So I had no doubts about ordering it.

Tessuti order
My screenshot at the time showing the discount on the items.

When it arrived it was clearly new, authentic and exactly the colours shown on the website. But there was no box to it. In the header image for this article I’ve got a box but that’s because I had a spare Barbour box knocking around that I used to store ties in so by a bit of luck it all worked out but I don’t recall seeing anywhere on the website that items may be shipped without boxes.

When I posted about this scarf and it’s lack of box on Instagram, ”@blobbygal” commented:

I used to manage in a similar designer store chain, started by someone who was senior in the predecessors of Tessuti before starting a new company. Not much stock is kept in a warehouse, most of it is kept in stores and is either returned to central for shipping or even sent from store (out of the stockroom). So the website can “sell” things that might be being sold irl at the exact same time.

Oh and not everything gets shipped out to store in boxes etc! We used to stock Barbour and say we got 15 scarves, a couple would to go in a display cabinet but the rest would come on hangers etc.


It sounds like operationally, they would have had the item hanging in a store until it was ordered online, the store posted it back to the warehouse then the warehouse posted it to me.

Therefore I deduce that:

  • the keyring probably was sold in store as I purchased it (so it wasn’t fulfilled)
  • the store didn’t send it out to the warehouse on time (meaning it didn’t reach me by next day)
  • and the lack of box was because it was on a hanger in the store.

To sum up, I am super pleased with the scarf and the experience will not put me of buying from Tessuti again (especially when the sales hit) but I just think they need to keep in touch with their customers more so when things do happen – and they’re going to cause everyone’s human – they don’t put people off.

Products Available: 4/5
Brands Available: 4/5
Prices: 5/5
Customer Service: 2/5
Delivery: 3/5

Overall: 3.5/5 (but very willing to give it another go!)

Thank you for reading! If you’ve ordered from Tessuti before and got good or bad to say then leave a comment or message me on social media. Thanks for reading!

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