How to Have a Spend Free Weekend

A spend free weekend is self explanatory; it’s a weekend where you spend nothing. I recommend you have at least 1 – 2 per month to live more frugally. It’s a lot of fun, is great for the budget and can get really creative.

The Guidelines

You can tailor this however you want but the rules I usually live by are:

  1. No spending ‘extra’ money (you can use the gas / phone in the house but you can’t spend more than you usually would).
  2. Eat only the food you have in the house (this can lead to some frankenstein meals!).
  3. Walk as much as possible (if impossible then only travel the cheapest way possible such as a £2 bus).
  4. Must have at least 1 day over the weekend out the house (to keep it challenging and interesting).
  5. Only spend in an emergency (such as the electric about to cut off or a bill to pay).

10 Spend Free Activity Ideas

  1. Check out what’s on in your local town for free. I’m guilty of overlooking and searching for the big cities I live near but plenty is on my doorstep.
  2. Go on a walking tour and photograph what inspires you.
  3. Host a movie night with friends. You’ve never too big to get into your PJ’s and watch a horror film.
  4. Read a book you’ve been wanting to for a while. Visit the library and rent more if you’ve got nothing to read
  5. Start a creative hobby you’ve had on hold for a while. All those scrapbooks unfilled and those yarns not knitted should come out on a spend-free weekend.
  6. Visit a free zoo or museum. There are lots of zoo’s and museums out there for free so go visit your nearest for a free experience.
  7. Host a board game night. Tell everyone to bring a dish and a few beers and keep it #spendfree
  8. Cook something you’ve always wanted to with the ingredients in your cupboard. Bonus points if you bulk cook for the week.
  9. Have a cull of your clothes, under the bed and in the shed to find what you can flip, donate or bin. I might be in the minority but I love a good cull.
  10. Play some sports with friends or have a picnic in the local park you never go to.

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