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I’ve worked in retail for nearly 15 years and have dealt with mystery shoppers many times – not that you know you’re dealing with them when they’re in your store! I remember feeling terrified finding out that we had just had a mystery shopper in and freaking out at what they were going to report back about me.

Thankfully, I always did well as I’m a little goody-two-shoes but back when I was 16-20 mystery shopping was a rare thing however with the advent of the internet and smartphones, anyone can give it a go and earn some money on the side. It’s funny how I’ve gone from serving them to becoming one!

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is essentially a tool that companies use to gather information and quality check their service. To put it simply, they pay you – the normal person on the street – to check their services and report back. This post is all about how you can get started and 10 companies and apps to use to get you started.

Mystery shopping is a wonderful way to earn some extra money if it’s on services or products you were going to buy or use anyway. Not all of the companies in this post will fit into your lifestyle – and that’s okay. I recommend you register for all of them, try them out and see if they work for you.

Take your time when applying as some of them ask for proof of a strong writing ability and good grammar as part of your application. If you can write well, you should have no problem passing. Once you have your first couple of assignments, plan a few out and take your time with them as well.

Remember not to reveal your on an assignment as that takes the ‘mystery’ out of ‘mystery shopping’. You’re checking how the service is when the bosses aren’t watching so don’t be obvious. Some of the companies request specific questions to be asked and pictures to be taken so make a discreet note in your phone of what that assignment requires.

Remember, a legit mystery shopping company will never ask for money upfront!

Here is a list to get your started with mystery shopping. They aren’t in any order and I haven’t personally used them all but I can vouch for Marketforce and Grassroots. Register for all these and see which ones fit into your life easily.

  1. Marketforce
  2. Field agent
  3. Red Wigwam
  4. BeMyEye
  5. Streetspotr
  6. Grassroots
  7. Mystery Dining
  8. Roamler
  9. BeMyEye
  10. Clic and Walk

Don’t be afraid to have a go. You could take these companies one by one and get used to what that company or app requests, or you can just register for them all, try them all then ween out what’s not for you. Either way, good luck and I hope it brings you in some more money this month.

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