Your Free Habit Builder Checklist

This habit builder checklist is something I have created to keep myself on track and as an follower of I want to show you how you can use yours to lose weight, save money, pick up a great new habit or even ditch a bad one.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit however I feel it takes a little longer for myself. Either way, this checklist is designed to be used for as long as you like on different cycles. It’s set up for 3 cycles where each cycle is just a run of 36 days. So 3 cycles is just over 3 months, however you can keep using it so long as you identity a new pattern key per cycle.

10 Habit Ideas To Get You Started

You very likely have your own ideas that you want to improve upon but if not, here are 10 positive habits you could introduce in your life right now.

  1. Save £2 a day
  2. Have a no spend day
  3. Stay within your calories
  4. Cook at home
  5. Drink enough water
  6. Refrain from smoking
  7. Keep the house tidy
  8. Spend quality time with someone
  9. Side hustle
  10. Do a good deed

Link for the Habit Builder Checklist

Link to Download Your Exclusive Habit Builder Checklist by

How to Use the Habit Builder Checklist

Step One – Print It Off

Open the above link in a new window, print it and stick it up somewhere you will see it. Either on your fridge, next to your bed or you could even print a few off for different goals you have and keep them in a binder.

Step Two – Fill in Your Goals

You should decide what your habit is and why you want to introduce it into your life. Once you’ve got that, fill in the left hand side.

habit builder

Step Three – Decide Your Pattern Key

Think about how you’re going to differentiate between the cycles. Each cycle is 36 days long so if you miss a day, just leave it blank. Don’t focus on the blanks as you go through, just focus on getting as much filled in as possible. Here are some examples of keys however this is for you so you use what will help you.

habit builder

Step 4) Start Filling

There is no better day to start than today. ‘Starting on Monday’ or ‘next month’ doesn’t make a jot of difference. Start today, right now, and build up the habit you want to build. Here’s an example of how it will look after 3 perfect cycles but don’t worry if yours has gaps – that’s totally normal.

habit builder

habit builder

habit builder


And that’s all there is to it. Building up a habit is a long but extremely rewarding experience. Soon you won’t even need checklists as that habit will be part of your daily life. If you feel you need to start a new one, just print out another, set a new goal and start again until you feel you can take it down and live without it.

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