Free Resources

Please excuse this work-in-progress page. There are currently two free resources I have created and are free for you to download and use in your daily life to help you get to your goals.

Free Habit Builder Checklist

The first one is a Habit Builder Checklist – a minimal sheet you can print and put in your wall to help you keep a track of a positive habit you’re trying to include in your life or to keep track of the day in which you’re removing a negative habit from your life.

Free Habit Builder Checklist

For example, you might use this to see how far you can go with no spend days in a row or put £5 aside each day. Or you might want to use it to break the cycle of smoking or something more serious such as self-harm.

Everyone has a good habit they want to introduce or a bad habit they want to remove from their life so download it today, place it somewhere visible and see how much you can really achieve.

Free Wardrobe Decluttering Guide

As seen on my social media, this spreadsheet is coming soon.

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