How To Make A Little Extra Money This Month

Besides setting a budget (and sticking to it), some of us need a little bit extra money every now and then. Before you go to a money-sucking payday loan company, ready these tips for making some pounds this month.

Getting the Most from your Card

  • Consider doing your next big purchase on a 5% cashback credit card. That way you’ll get something back for all your spending.
  • Some banks will bribe you to switch – usually between £100 and £150, but bonuses can be as much as £200.

Things to Sell on eBay

  • Last year’s unwanted presents – cheeky but what they don’t know won’t hurt them
  • Clear out your bookcase and sell any books you’ve read (and aren’t going to read again) or books you won’t read
  • Go through your wardrobe for anything that doesn’t fit or isn’t your style and flog on eBay
  • Unopened make up and cosmetics can still go for a penny or two on eBay so check that
  • Check your kitchen for any appliances you haven’t used in a year or more and get it gone!
  • Do you have any clutter like and old hoover you’re not using or a TV you don’t need? Look around and think about what you actually use day to day.

Work, Work, Work

  • Pick up as many extra shifts as possible
  • Ask if you’re employer will pay more for awkward shifts or cover
  • Find out about your companies bonus scheme and make sure you get it!
  • Sign up as a mystery shopper
  • Research surveys that give you money (I just one that gives me Nectar points!)
  • If you have a big bushy beard, consider being santa!
  • Babysit on the side so people can have date nights without worrying
  • Teach or tutor in the evenings.
  • House sit – we all know a few couples who travel for the holidays
  • Look after your neighbours pets
  • Consider cleaning as an evening job

Sell Items on the High Street

  • Take all your old tech, dvd’s, games etc down to your CeX. They offer cash price or always more on a voucher if there’s something you’re looking to buy as a gift
  • Sell unused / unwanted designer items (from handbags to watches to jewellery and scarves) at Designer Exchange. Same as CeX, they offer cash or more on a voucher.
  • Take any gold to a reliable place. Check this guide for ‘cash for gold’ good and bad pointers.

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