5 Ways to Exercise For Free

It’s official, I’m going to quit the gym. Not because I’ve given up on my weight-loss goals but rather because I’ve been researching into alternative gym options and realised that there are plenty of ways to exercise for free.

Getting healthy is a hard first step to take and I’ve noticed that some people feel that if they pay upfront for something, they feel more likely to be committed to it. For example, saying ‘I’ll pay upfront for 6 weeks at Slimming World‘ may feel like you’re contracting yourself to get healthy however when you don’t complete the 6 weeks for whatever reason, you’ve lost your money.

Of course if that method works for you and holds you finically accountable to your healthy goals then stick with it. But it doesn’t work for me. I would much rather exercise for free no matter how far into my goals I am as free is always the best price.

I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking ‘Well, I can afford the £30 a month so why cancel it?’. But I’ve realised I would rather have the extra £360 in the savings account at the end of the year. So, here’s my list that can help you too.

5 Ways to Exercise For Free

1. Running

Someone once told me that nothing strips fat like running and they are so right! There aren’t any normal exercises that will burn as many calories per minute as running. It’s fantastic as all you need to get started are some cheap trainers and some workout clothing – both of which you probably have. Best of all, it’s free, doesn’t take long and can be done wherever you are.

2. Youtube Videos

There are literally thousands of videos on YouTube designed to help you get in shape or lose weight. Many of these don’t require anything other that your own body such as Yoga, dance workouts or pilates. Find a vlogger you can follow today.

3. Outdoor Gym

I love that outdoor gyms are popping up in more and more areas including my local parks. I’ve used these outdoor gyms and they mostly rely on using your own bodyweight to workout. In my experience they are clean, tidy and a great place to exercise for free.

4. Free Classes

Where I live – and hopefully where you live too – there are quite a few free classes on in the local parks from yoga to running clubs. You could even start your own sessions with your gym buddy bestie following online guides together in the park.

5. Weights / Kettlebells

My Dad used to be a bodybuilder so I was gifted a basic set of weights when I moved to this house. My partner uses them more than I do but they’re great to do a rep each morning or night. I’ve put this in this article about free exercises as you can usually pick up a set on Freecycle or from a friend who no longer uses them.

Hopefully this helps you save money on your gym membership too.

Leave a comment below if you love or loathe this idea. Interested in more self care guides or starting your journey today?

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