Everything5Pounds | A Super Frugal Fashion Review

Everything5Pounds is a primary fashion based e-commerce website where everything is just £5. I recently purchased from them to give you the low-down on what you’re actually getting for your fiver.

I have used Everything5Pounds before and I’m a fan of their concept. This post isn’t sponsored by them however I did reach out to see if I could interview anyone but to no results. Well, at least that means I can give it a fair an honest review.

The UK’s number one £5 online retailer. Discover all your fashion favourites, and more, for just £5 each. With up to 100 new arrivals landing every single day, our fast-paced fashion is perfect for the savvy fashionista looking for affordable style.

– Everything5Pounds

Now, like anything a little budget, it’s not perfect which for some stuff I understand, but some stuff, it boggled me that they didn’t get it right (I’ll go into this later). But please note that generally I like buying from them and do recommend using them.

What’s Good About Everything5pounds?

At the time of writing (Jan 2019) there are 15,458 items available on Everything5Pounds of which 15,024 is women and 461 is mens. So it’s safe to say it’s heavily balanced towards clothing and shoes for women.

There’s also a good variance of stock such as coats, jeans, tops etc. And a good array of sizes going from XXS – XXL so there should be something you’d find that would fit and you’d like.

Their sections are split up into:

  • New Arrivals – I think this just sorts all by newest in first.
  • Big Sale – Currently 2266 items that are less than £5
  • Womens – 10920 items in womens
  • Shoes – 2411 items in shoes
  • Bags and Accessories – 884 items in bags and accessories
  • Mens – 475 in Mens
  • Kids – 189 in kids
  • Home and Living – 71 in kids
  • High Five – 250 items that are more than £5

The above is self explanatory but I just wanted to talk a little about the High Five category. Now, even though the website is everything5pounds, I don’t really have a problem with them selling items for more. If Poundland can sell £2 items, then everything5pounds can do what they want!

A new, exciting offer for our amazing customers!! You will find some fantastic designer bargains here, under the designer tab for a limited time only! We know they are not 5 pounds each but the value we offer is still unrivalled. Beware, this offer is only valid until stocks last! Grab a bargain today!


And there’s actually some brands in there! Of the brands I recognise in the High Five area there is Juicy Couture, Lacoste, Diesel and Versace Jeans. Some are a little shocking after you’re used to adding things to your basket that are just £5 (like the above) but overall, it’s a neat little area to see if there’s anything in there you fancy.

If you like designer bags but want the look, not the price tag, Everything5pounds has got you covered. On the below 3 pictures are first the £5 bag and then on the right is the designer bag. Personally when it comes to bags, I prefer the real deal but there’s something for everyone on everything5pounds.

everything5pounds stella
£5 vs a new Stella McCartney Falabella backpack at £665
everything5pounds chloe
£5 vs a Chloe Drew bag at £1,190
everything5pounds gucci
£5 vs £1,321 for this vintage Gucci

What’s Not So Good About Everything5pounds?

(1) There seems to be this glitch where if you search something with no results, you just get all the results like you’re on the home page which can be a bit confusing if you haven’t noticed.

(2) A couple of times I’ve noticed that the price in the product details doesn’t match the price up the top. Makes you wonder that they had a promotion they didn’t remove all evidence from. Like below, it says £23.95 in the description and yet £35 at the top.

everything5pounds.com price error

(3) By far the most frustrating thing is that you can’t search within your size. So say you click on women’s clothing, you’re then greeted with a crazy amount of size options (106!) to choose from – which no-one would actually use. Even just streamlining the ones like ‘uk 16’ and ‘uk16’ would be handy.

everything5pounds.com sizes

I think this is because they input what the size is from the original place of purchase. But I would much prefer universal size guide over this. I don’t even know what some of these sizes are.

My Order

In January, I placed an order so I could better review everything5pounds from delivery to quality and how easy or hard the refund process was.

What I ordered

Below is what I ordered which I wanted to keep below £30 (before postage) as it’s very easy to just throw lot’s of things in your basket because of the price. But you really have to think if you’re going to like them when they turn up, as it can be hit and miss with the quality on everything5pounds

everything5pounds.com basket

Quality of my order

Here’s a quick rundown of what I ordered from everything5pounds including what I kept and what I returned.

The suedette v-neck top was great. It was a little more split up the sides than I thought but that’s probably myself not viewing all the pictures before I threw it in my basket.

The eyelet suedette was fine in looks but I had a generally awful experience with it. When I put it on, I didn’t notice anything at first but when I took it off, I had dye transfer all over my body. And beacause it was all over my hands, it was all over my face too! I have emailed everything5pounds to tell them of my ordeal and I’ll update this thread if they reply.

everything5pounds.com dye transfer
everything5pounds.com dye

It was so bad I had to immediately jump in the shower as I looked like I’d just come back from visiting a mine shaft.

The faux pearl top was probably my favourite. The material is slightly on the thin side but will look great with a vest under it. I’m not sure how it’s going to survive in the wash though…

everything5pounds.com pearl top

The ruffle eyelet top was bloody terrible. I knew it was a risk to buy but it’s honestly even worse on. Ruffles sometimes look amazing. This was an example of when they don’t.

The 3D appliqué chocker dress was super cute on but i wasn’t comfortbale showing that much skin. If I was a more confident person, that would be something I would have kept.

And the white sheer dress was the kind of dress you don’t even bother trying on because you know you’ll hate it. Mostly the quality was just low, the style was fine.

2/6 items were ones I was very happy with. It would have been 3 but as much as I like a top, I can’t wear it if it puts dye transfer on everything – shame!

Delivery Options

From order to delivery it took 6 days which overall I’m not unhappy with. It’s not like it came from China and took a month! But I would have liked more options such as next day, normal, super slow but super cheap! There was only the below.

everything5pounds.com delivery

However the website’s a little cheeky in that at first glance of the information in their help section below as you might think delivery is 3-5 days. But what they’re actually saying is that once it’s been dispatched from their end, it will take 3-5 working days from them. A little hard to understand unless you’ve had your morning coffee.

We are unable to give an exact date or time for the delivery as the parcel will be delivered within approximately 3-5 days (unless stated otherwise) that we advise from the dispatch date. 

– Everything5Pounds

Timeline of my order

22nd Jan 2019 – Placed order
25th Jan 2019 – Order dispatched
28th Jan 2019 – Delivered
28th Jan 2019 – Emailed about the dye transfer top
29th Jan 2019 – They generic emailed me back offering a free return
29th Jan 2019 – I tweeted them.
At the time of writing they haven’t replied further but if they do, I’ll update the post!


The best thing about everything5pounds is the sheer amount of clothing they have. There are thousands of items available and you’re bound to find a few items you like.

The worst thing has to be the search options. What the point in viewing all dresses if I can’t even select my size properly? The second worst thing is that a item bled dye all over me. But that might not be something they control as they do get their stock from others.

Products Available: 4/5
Brands Available: 1/5
Prices: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5
Delivery: 3/5

Overall: 3.6/5

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