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In October we travelled to Disneyland Paris for our mini-moon and of course we saved where we could. This is not a Disney blog and I am not a Disney pro but I hope there’s a few tips here that can help you if you’re thinking about going.


Although we both don’t mind flying, the Eurostar cannot be beaten in terms of speed and relaxation. Our journey from Kings Cross, London took just 2.40hrs – we both travel for work and have been on longer trains around England. It was also the same price as flying when we booked but it takes you directly to Disneyland, you only have to arrive 45mins before and you can take almost anything you want on it. The service compared to flying just cannot be beaten.

Luke on the Eurostar

On the way there we paid €10 each for Business Premium which got us a selection of food and drinks. Honestly, you don’t need to do this at all but it was nice to have a little something special. For the way back the price per person was €30 so we left it and I wouldn’t say there was much difference in our enjoyment of the journey.

Park Tickets

Money aside, I would have opted to go to a Disney park in America over the park in Paris however you can’t beat the price difference. There’s less rides but less people. It’s smaller, but it’s cheaper. There’s less interaction from the cast members, but I’m introverted so I don’t mind!

I found the park tickets to be very resonable. We live in Staffordshire not far from Alton Towers where day tickets are £34. Knowing that, I was quite suprised by how affordable the Disneyland Paris tickets were.

Our dates included the first week of October meaning all the Halloween Disney decorations were up yet the park wasn’t as busy as towards the end of the month. It was as close to empty as that park gets.


We chose to stay in a non-Disney hotel by the chain ‘Vienna House’. The prices for a Disney hotel were just unjustifyable when the non-Disney ones are walkable to and a fraction of the price. Looking at the same dates for next year for 4 nights and 2 adults, these are the results:

  • Disneyland® Hotel – £1,866
  • Disney’s Newport Bay Club – £952
  • Disney’s Sequoia Lodge – £766
  • Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne – £689
  • Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe – £578
  • Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch – £524
  • Vienna House Magic Circus Marne La Vallée – £382
Vienna House Dream Castle, Marne La Vallée

You do get ‘more’ by staying in a Disneyland offical hotel but when we compared the perks, there was nothing we were fussed about. This hotel was everything you need with free shuttles running back and forth to the park everyday. The location is perfect – we walked to it from Disneyland the first day becuase the sun was beaming. My only critism is the food options were limited and expensive so we had to get creative with how we ate.


Most mornings we skipped breakfast in favour of a coffee from the Starbucks in Disney Village. One of the days for lunch we nipped into what we though would be a quick pizza slice. It turns out it was probably the only time in the park we actually felt ripped off. We queued longer than we did at any of the rides and paid around €15 each for what was the saddest little pizza slice.

We grabbed the odd coffee and snacks around the park on the other days in favour of dining and I had a constant supply of nuts and breakfast bars in my bag for when we needed something.

Grabbing a pretzel in the studios

The only big expense we had with dining was when we treated ourselves to a set menu at Captain Jack’s – the Pirates of the Caribbean restaurant on the second day however this was pre-booked and budgeted for as it’s one of my favourite places in the park. The price compared to the quality was a little bit too high but it was wonderful to sit down, talk and feel like we were on a date (and not a mad-dash holiday).

Thank you for reading.

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