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Designer Exchange is a retail chain on the forefront of changing the way UK people shop for designer goods. No longer do we have to rummage around old vintage stores (trying to find the most modern thing in there), no longer do we have to cave and buy on eBay (subsequently risking our earned cash on what might be a box of bricks) and no longer do we have to pay full price for a designer pair of shoes, piece of clothing or handbag in perfect condition.

Designer Exchange was established in 2013 in a small boutique on a quaint side street just off the big shopping street of Brompton Road in Knightsbridge – you’ll mostly likely know it as where Harrods is. Since then they’ve built an arsenal of shops in UK city centres of Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, another shop in the heart of Madrid and two more in London in Kensington and their latest Chelsea store.

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored or paid for by Designer Exchange, I am just a huge fan of what they do and the accessibility of designer items to the woman on a budget that they bring.

Designer Exchange Clothing Saves

Below I’ve pulled some of my favourite clothing designers and taken a screenshot of Designer Exchange’s prices. In the picture comment I’ve added the prices of how much they would be from the designer. To keep it fair I’ve not included any specialist pieces such as extremely expensive runway or made to measure pieces. These are all the prices in store and ready to wear.

Designer Exchange alexander mcqueen
Alexander McQueen dresses range from £1,360 – £7,480
Alexander McQueen jumpers range from £890 – £2,490
Designer Exchange saint laurent
Saint Laurent jackets range from £1,965 – £2,480
Saint Laurent dresses range from £1,280 – £3,860
Designer Exchange balmain
Balmain jackets range from £447 – £4,140
Balmain coats range from £2,175 to £3,275
Designer Exchange Clothing Saves

The same as above, I’ve pulled some shoes from Designer Exchange’s website and included in the comments typically RRP’s you’d find if you went direct to the designer.

Designer Exchange christian louboutin
Christian Louboutin trainers range from £485 – £965
Christian Louboutin heels range from £495 – £995
Designer Exchange chanel shoes
Chanel boots range from £1,050 – £2,570
Chanel Heels range from £650 – £900
Designer Exchange balenciaga
Balenciaga ‘booties’ range from £935 – £1,475
Balenciaga trainers range from £445 – £695
My Designer Exchange Collection Favourites

I have purchased and sold over 20 things with Designer Exchange now so I just wanted to highlight a few of my favourite bags I use everyday so show you what kind of money I’ve saved. If you ever see any designer items on my Insta feed then it’s 99% likely to come from Designer Exchange – and I’m not shy about telling you how much I spent / saved on them so just ask. I love to talk about my bargains.

What’s below are the retail price, what I paid and my savings however I’ve only listed the sell price so note that I probably traded in a few older / unused pieces to get that actual sell price down. But for ease of reading I’ve just added the Designer Exchange sell price.

designer exchange celine trio
This above is a Celine Trio cross body bag.
It retails for £690 and I paid just £190 meaning I saved £500 which is 72% off the RRP!
designer exchange chanel
My favourite bag in my collection is this Classic Chanel Caviar Jumbo Flapbag which retails for £4,450. I paid a crazy low price of just £500 which is a whopping saving of £3,950 which is an impressive 89% off the retail price. It was priced so low due to the wear but I got it restructured and painted for just £75.
designer exchange burberry
I love this backpack. I’m not a big fan of big prints but this is subtle enough version of the Nova Burberry print and it’s a perfect size for my laptop. It retails for £350 and I picked it up for jus £150 which is a £200 saving or 57% of the RRP.

You can find out more about Designer Exchange by visiting their website here, their Instagram here or get a quote for your item here.

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