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Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet is a frugal shoppers dream. Located in Wirral, this outlet houses hundreds of brands all providing a discounted shopping experience. We usually go once a year as a treat and pre-budget for the shopping extravaganza. When asked what I wanted to do for my birthday I thought back to previous adventures to Liverpool, Glasgow, a stay at a spa etc I realised that I didn’t need a big expenditure to feel special on my birthday. I just wanted to spend time with my man having a shop and so Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet was the plan.

We don’t drive (yet!) and so we had to get the train however we got this for absolutely free because I had an unused ‘delay repay’ voucher from a severely train months ago for work. We also used our ‘Two-Together’ railcard bringing it under the voucher amount. Meaning we spent £0 on travel to and from Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. Win!

When we arrived it was fairly quiet but we expected it to get more alive with people as the day went on as I had the unfortunate and unpreventable experience of being born on the 27th December. But we started shopping and picking up those bargains.

The first place we went to and one of my favourite is the Next outlet. Usually not my go to place for clothes shopping but I fairly easily managed to spend £60 of the £200 birthday money budget straight away! It’s a great place for smart and evening wear – something my wardrobe was highly lacking in.

cheshire oaks designer outlet

We continued shopping – as it’s basically a big circle – and we got about half way before we ducked into Cafe Rouge for lunch. I had pre-booked – thankfully as it was rammed – and we got seated and ordered pretty quickly. by this point I had probably spent around £150 of the £200 birthday budget so we know there were just a few final shops left to go into then we would be heading home for a night of films and a rare takeaway treat.

The staff in Cafe Rouge were really patient but I think they kind of hated us as we got the bill, then reminded them we had a Gourmet Society card, then paid the remainder in Love2Shop vouchers! We had 1p left to spent which – even though it was my birthday – I graciously dug into my purse!

If you don’t have a Gourmet Society card yet you should consider one – especially if you’re someone who eat’s out a lot but you want to save without giving that up. 

  cheshire oaks designer outlet

  cheshire oaks designer outlet

Another shop to mention is the M&S outlet. Again not somewhere I usually shop for my wardrobe but the deals were amazing. The find of the day went to these pair of jeans. Seriously, look at that price! my partner picked up a pair of Levi’s for just £35 which usually retail for £65-£80 ish. He lives in jeans so it was overall a good day for jeans.

cheshire oaks designer outlet

I was pretty much at the end of the the £200 (which was more than enough anyway) but it was at this point I remembered I had a £50 voucher from Mum for Cheshire Oaks. So, we quickly skipped back to to Monsoon – which I had previously bypassed due to my assumption it was too expensive even at at outlet – and picked up 4 evening dresses for £25 – not bad at all. 

The day then came to a close and we had another successful trip to Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet! We will probably be going back in 2019 at some point and I’ll do a lot of the same thing as I feel that it was as budget as can be.

Have you been? Leave a comment or reach out to be on social and tell me your tips!

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