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I’ve been using BooHoo for a few years but it was only in the last 6 months that my usages has upped dramatically. This was mostly because I had changed weight and personal style and so donated most of my wardrobe and needed to rejuvenate in the least expensive way. Besides buying staple well-made pieces from the likes of Designer Exchange and eBay, I still needed everyday pieces for work and lounging.

After proving themselves worthy of the money in my pocket, BooHoo continued to get my money and it continued to serve me well. It doesn’t mean it’s without fault and I want to go into the good and bad below so you can see if there’s room for BooHoo in your wardrobe.

If you don’t know what BooHoo is or haven’t visited their site before I would describe it to you as ”high street and on-trend clothing, at primark prices – quality will vary”. It’s fast fashion where clothing is quick, cheap and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Stock

To say that BooHoo has a lot of stock is an understatement. The variety is amazing too. Searching for something not only always brings something that but it gives you choice. Want a green dress? There’s over 500. Even obscure searches like ‘frills’ or ‘cowl neck’ always bring back results.

BooHoo is my go to place if I want a simple fashion piece such as a mustard jumper or burgundy coat. It’s all there and there’s bundles of choice too.

However, the flip side of having so many pieces is that quality really can vary. Buying from one of the ‘higher end’ collections – which I’ll talk about next – will almost guarantee quality but a simple tee or pair of work trousers can be hit or miss. Thankfully the returns are hassle free so I often order a variety of choices in one style and return the ones that aren’t as high quality.

The Collections

BooHoo has mini collections within their main products. You don’t have to search within but some will always guarantee better results and some will be a gamble.

They have:
Cosmetics – self-expanatory but at current there’s only 12 items in the collection so it’s not their main focus.
Basics – ”Coordinate an outfit with ease with boohoo’s zero-effort wardrobe necessities. ”
Night – ”Pep up your party wardrobe with boohoo night, the latest collection of late night looks for your nights out in the new season.”
Blue – ”Refresh your denim collection and take your outfit to the next level effortlessly with oversized denim jackets, vintage style mom shorts and ripped jeans.”
Premium – ”Red carpet dresses and luxury collection”
Boutique – ”Designed in-house, our premium women’s clothing line returns for its strongest season yet.”
Fit – ”Shop the latest gym clothes to drop in the boohooFIT collection and slay your fitness goals for 2019.’

I’ve purchased from nearly every collection and there is a difference between so if you’d a stickler for the best quality possible, stick to boutique and sometimes premium.

The Shops

No, not physical stores unfortunately but they have these categories that I find are actually quite helpful. They range from ‘festival’ to ‘workwear’ or ‘going out’ and they kind of categorise the clothing. So, if you are looking for something that’s ‘festival’ in vibes, this can narrow it down by a lot. It’s very helpful when you’re after a style and in my experience, they do work very well as you never find a beach kimono in workwear!

The Delivery

The delivery service you get with BooHoo is unparalleled in UK fast fashion – from my experience. There’s a variety of options to choose from where next day is often £5.99 or you can buy a yearly pass of next day for £9.99 – which I totally did cause I order so much.

I’ve not had any issues with delivery yet, despite it being Hermes, but i’ll update this post if I do.

The Quality

BooHoo is not the place for you if you’re looking for a long lasting, high-end, quality made garment. I’ve had cardigans with pulls, tops that are fraying and coats that had an RRP of £50 that I wouldn’t have paid £10 for. However, the returns is amazing – which I’ll talk about next – so you can totally return hassle free if it doesn’t meet your guidelines.

I buy and wear a lot of black and they have no issue with getting black right. But strangely enough, white items of clothing are always way to sheer for my liking. Just goes to show I shouldn’t stray from black!

The Returns

Returning to BooHoo is one of the reasons I’m often happy to take a gamble. Each order comes with a pre-paid label on the inside that you simple stick back to the outside of the back containing what you want to return and you give it to the post office and it’s all free!

I’ve never had any issues with BooHoo returns – besides a delay in getting my refund over the Christmas period but that’s totally to be expected.

Do you shop at BooHoo? Leave a comment with why you love or hate it!



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