The 5 Best Items to Flip on eBay

Sourcing from charity shops and thrift stores to later sell on eBay is a surprisingly good way to make some extra cash on the side. The problem is that one bad investment can deplete your months earnings so stick to the classics of what sells well on eBay. Therefore, you need to make wise decisions when buying to sell.

I’ve identified these classics from items that have sold extremely well for me in the past and what my reseller friends find quick and easy to make a profit on. It’s worth noting that something unique and rare may be worth a fair bit to the right buyer however your audience of who will appreciate that item is narrower so you’ve got a smaller pond of people who might buy it.

The same is true for sizes. On my list below I’ve got clothing and shoes which, if designer and in good condition, are money-makers however bear in mind that who will buy it is limited to what size they are. Therefore, you should price ‘average’ sizes higher than you would a XXS or an XXL.

What Sells on eBay?

1. Retro Games & Consoles

As a general rule, any of these consoles or games from these consoles have value as a retro pieces: SNES, NES, GameCube, Gameboy, Sega Saturn, PS1 or PS2. Remember to test them before you sell them, as dealing with returns is a necessary evil to be avoided when possible.

2. Blu-Rays & DVDs

Normal blu-bays and DVDs don’t sell for a heap as a general rule. Media is so cheap these days that physical media isn’t something people need to buy however there are a few items that will net you some money. Firstly any Disney media still sells well, secondly any 3D blu rays and thirdly, any modern releases (less than 6 months).

3. Rare or New Vinyl’s

Rare vinyl’s with a limited release will get you a fair amount on eBay however what I’ve discovered recently is that new, modern releases can also sell for £20+. The general rule for spotting these is anything in the last 5 years, or from a modern artist, or is a limited – usually coloured or patterned – vinyl.

4. Designer Clothing, Shoes & Watches

It goes without saying that any designer items will be worth more than anything from Primark however make sure you always do you research into average prices and don’t over pitch the price just because it has a label. Use the ‘Recently Sold’ function to find the best price.

5. Retro Toys

Old school toys have a lot of value to nostalgic collectors and – as with most eBay sales – the better condition the item is in then the more it will sell for. Items don’t need to be ‘complete in box’ to sell well but the better condition and the more parts it comes with helps raise the price.

What About Tech?

The top selling item on eBay last year was consumer tech from big-brand names with one selling ever 14 seconds however, personally I find the risk not worth it. If you buy a tech item quite cheap to sell on then it could be reported lost or stolen by the original buyer and shut down – you’re now liable to the person you sold it to. Anything with a serial number I stay clear of however that’s just a personal choice.

Consider Postage

Make sure you list with the correct postage as you don’t want that sweet profit being eaten up by a big charge to send the item because it’s heavier / further / different to what you think. The Royal Mail website has a parcel checker on there so you can weigh it at home then know exactly how much to charge the customer. After a month or so, you’ll be able to eyeball up the cost by size and approximated weight.

There are other customer-to-customer selling platforms out there however I take eBay as my personal choice as I find it has the largest demographic for the kind of stuff I sell. Remember, if you’re buying items to resell on eBay, you must be registered as a business on eBay however this list could just serve you as a guide for what have value around your house.

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