50 Free Date Ideas For Valentines Day

Valentines Day is soon to be upon us and regardless if you consider it a ­‘made up’ holiday or you usually go all out with romantic gestures, you should be considering your financial situation and goals needs to be at the forefront of your mind. I wanted to help and put pen to paper to come up with some free date ideas that anyone can use.

Personally, we don’t celebrate Valentines Day too heavily but there’s some people out there who simply love ‘love’ and this post is for you. Here’s 50 free date night ideas for Valentines Day so you can show your love for your significant other – but in a thrifty and economically smart way! There’s gotta be nothing sexier than that.

25 Free Date Night Ideas Outside the House

Free date ideas such as Hiking or having a picnic
Date’s can be outdoors such as taking a hike together or having a picnic in the park.
  1. Be a tourist in your own town – Find an area you’ve never explored or a museum you’ve always wanted to go and get exploring.
  2. Go on a walking tour – walking tours often only ask for a donation or are free so find one in your local area and learn away.
  3. Visit an art gallery – Personally I’m not a lover of art but it’s still a great way to spend an afternoon together.
  4. Have a game night – Dust off those gaming sets and get competitive.
  5. Go out dancing at a local bar or club – I’m not one for clubs but one of the best times I ever had on a night out was swing dancing at a classier bar.
  6. Volunteer together – Give back together and bond over helping make the world a better place.
  7. Sign up to the library and get a book out for each other – Either check out your favourite book for them to read or pick them out something you know they’ll love.
  8. Explore a carboot together – If you’re up for spending a little bit then have an explore and find the best present for each other under £5.
  9. Have a sunset picnic – Pack up a picnic of what’s in the cupboard and watch a sunset as you eat. What could be more romantic?
  10. Go on a free vineyard tour – Might be area-dependant but take advantage of a free vineyard tour if you can. It’s super worth it.
  11. Use a voucher you have for a local restaurant – We all have a few vouchers knocking around so get them used up.
  12. Visit charity shops together – You can try and find the cheapest / best thing for each other but technically this one might cost you £1 – £5!
  13. Go to a free museum – For me this is preferable to an art gallery so find your local free museum and get learning
  14. Feed ducks at the local park – It’s wholesome, it’s quaint but it’s a lot more fun that it sounds.
  15. Go to a trivia night at a bar – Lots of fun for the price of a drink (or free but you might end up grabbing a drink).
  16. Go on a free brewery tour – Staffordshire is famous for it’s breweries but you’ll find them up and down the country.
  17. Try free samples at a Farmers Market – It is technically free but take some money as you might end up finding something irresistible.
  18. Visit a clothing store – Make each other try on outfits they never would!
  19. Take a free cooking class – If you can’t find one outside the house, follow an online course together.
  20. Go biking or roller skating together – It doesn’t matter if you’re good or not. The point is spending time together.
  21. Visit a local farm together – Farms can be free but take some money if you want to leave a donation or grab some eggs.
  22. Walk down the canal together – It’s romantic and scenic
  23. Go on a hike together – If you’re not into hikes, even a romantic walk around a lake will be a great experience.
  24. Find a free concert – There are a few apps that offer this or you can check your local listings.
  25. Picnic on the beach / in the park – Depending where you live, pack up whats in the fridge and head to your local beach / park.

25 Free Date Night Ideas Inside the House

Free date ideas such as cooking or Baking
Having a date night at home can really save the pennies and it’s fun to spend time just not on the sofa – such as cooking or baking together.
  1. Build a blanket fort together – and hide out out inside of course!
  2. Host a potluck – Everyone brings a dish for a communal day together.
  3. Explore YouTube – Learn a new skill together or start a new hobby.
  4. Stay in bed all day together – I’d like to say sleeping but I think we all know what i’m talking about
  5. Bake a cake together – I consider this a free task as I always having baking sets in the house but might cost a few quid for some packs if not.
  6. Play through a video game together – Anything two player will be a lot of fun and if you’re not a big gamer, start of easy like one of the Lego games.
  7. Have an outdoor movie-marathon – Pitch up outside and watch something new or an old favourite.
  8. Work through a DIY project together – With music and snacks! It’s productive and will bring you closer together.
  9. Go gadget-free all day – If you want the ultimate switch off experience then go gadget-free and spend some time together talking.
  10. Make homemade ice-cream – It’s easier than it sounds, I promise!
  11. Write up a couples bucket list – It’s great because there’s still plenty of time to get a lot ticked off in the same year.
  12. Have a movie marathon – Pick out all the films in your collection you haven’t seen and see how many you get through in a day.
  13. Make a pizza from scratch – If you’re not feeling the dough
  14. Watch an entire season of a show – Pick something and see if you can get a season done in a day.
  15. Draw pictures of each other – Framing them optional!
  16. Play retro video games together – Picking one you both used to play is most fun or you could show them your favourite.
  17. Host a Mr and Mrs game night – compete against friends or just have a laugh together with the cards.
  18. Watch a sunset / sunrise together – Sit out in your garden and experience nature together.
  19. Have an at-home spa day – pamper yourselves and each other with massages and foot rubs.
  20. Create each other a scavenger hunt – Googles your friend if you get stuck for ideas!
  21. Film a video together – Either just for yourselves or for your kids to watch one day.
  22. Create a mezze board together – Have a good look around your cupboards and fridge and create a sharing platter out of what you’ve got.
  23. Create a time capsule – Especially cool if you’re planning on having kids so you can create something for them to unearth.
  24. View the stars – There are loads of cool apps where you can hold your phone up to the sky and learn the constellations together.
  25. Give each other massages – There are some great free tutorials on Youtube to follow if you’re not sure what to do.

That’s my 50 free date ideas! Hope you’ll use them and if you have something I should include, leave a comment or DM me on any platform and give me one of your personal free date ideas.

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