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Dating doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s 50 ideas for your dating life that won’t cost you the bank. These ideas, if you shop around, are all under £10 each.

Inexpensive Date Ideas:

  1. Cook and eat together
  2. Build a blanket fort to watch a movie in
  3. Go to the library together and check out a book for each other to read by the next date
  4. Borrow a bike / get your bike and go on a bike ride
  5. Go stargazing on a clear night
  6. Have a ‘pilot’ night where you show each other the pilot of your favourite show.
  7. Go on a wintery hike
  8. Try a class at the gym together
  9. Tour a brewery
  10. Go to a car boot and buy each other something for under £5
  11. Feed the ducks in the park
  12. Give each other massages with candles, oil and new age music
  13. Go to an open mic night
  14. Turn on some light music and read together by a fire
  15. Give each other your favourite book and read the opening 25 pages together
  16. Go to the best place you can visit together on the train for under £10
  17. Wander around a market
  18. Go swimming together at the gym
  19. Show each other your favourite game
  20. Grab a coffee together and catch up for hours – phones down
  21. Visit a local farm
  22. Go to a quiz night
  23. Find a voucher to buy that you can tick off your bucket list together
  24. Tour a local vineyard
  25. Attend a walking tour
  26. Go to the local museum
  27. Have a duvet day with 3+ films
  28. Finish off a show you’ve started watching together
  29. Buy a small amount of food from a food market and go on a picnic
  30. Have a spa night with face masks
  31. Attend a local fair
  32. Go crazy / adventure golf together
  33. Find a retro video game arcade and challenge each other
  34. Take your dog(s) out for a fun day for them
  35. Visit an aquarium (find the cheapest tickets)
  36. Get our your old lego set and build together
  37. Go geocaching
  38. Build an indoor den together
  39. Go berry picking
  40. Write each other poems – funniest wins
  41. Play board games together
  42. Water gun fight
  43. Go to botanical gardens nearby
  44. Window shop together and make each other try on funny outfits
  45. Go to the beach
  46. Go charity shopping
  47. Make a fondue or camembert and dip in everything that’s going to expire soon
  48. Try a freebie class like pottery or boxing
  49. Go to the zoo (find the cheapest tickets you can!)
  50. Have a bath together with candles and wine

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