10 Tips For Selling on eBay

Making money on eBay from tat around the house has to be the best way to make money. You’re earing some extra cash and de-cluttering! For someone like me who is looking to buy a house soon, downsizing and making money ticks both boxes.

There are plenty of sites these days to flog your items however eBay is arguably the UK’s most popular customer-to-customer sales. They have earned this reputation from being incredibly easy to use and an honest way to earn some money whether you’re organising your house, selling off some vintage heirlooms or even flipping items from a charity shop.

At any given time, there are 100+ million listings on eBay worldwide with 6.4 million listings added everyday. In the UK along there are 17 million people visiting eBay every month and 180,000 registered UK based eBay business’s so it’s certainly a way you can make some money!

There are a lot of beginners mistakes to be made and trails and errors to experiment with but if you’re looking to make a little extra money this year then read these tried and tested tips from myself – an eBay veteran – to make the first time you sell go as smooth as possible.

Pick An Account Name

Your eBay account name is part of what you’re selling. If you want to sell on vintage dress’s and your name is ‘Laura’s Vintage Dress Store, it’s going to look more professional and instill more faith in your eBay shop than if you called it ‘LauraSmith1975’.

Fill Out Your Profile

Also fill in your ‘About’ page, add a nice background and show that you are a reputable business that people should have no issue parting with their money for. I’m surprised by how few people fill out their profile but it might just be the difference between someone bidding or not bidding.

Take Clear Pictures

Make sure the pictures of the items are taken with a plain background, no shadows on the item, by natural daylight and include any photos of wear or marks. Trust me – it’s much easier to sell to someone who accepts the flaws than sell and refund someone who didn’t know it had marks.

Put it in the Correct Category

I know it’s common sense to ensure it’s in the correct category but eBay suggests a category once you’ve chosen your title however it sometimes gets it wrong! Check your category before you agree and your antique coin ends up in the in with the key rings.

Use Keywords

Your item is more likely to sell with extra information in the title. For example, if you find an old games console under the bed and deicide to make a few quid off it – as a buyer, which one are you more likely to click on: the listing called ‘PS2’ or the listing called ‘Barely Used PS2 Slim +2 Controllers, Tested and Working’?

Double Check the Spelling

If I search ‘Barbie Doll’ but you’ve called your listing ‘Brabie Doll’ then it isn’t going to show up for me or anyone else looking for a Barbie. So double check your listings for spelling mistakes to ensure it’s seen by everyone who’s searching for it.

Describe It Well

You don’t need to be a salesperson to fill in the description. All I put is a brief description of the item with a few key words and some essentials about the item. For example ‘Stunning fluffy and comfortable jumper with no snags or signs of wear. This item is from a smoke and pet free home and I’m happy to take more photos if requested. Please ask if you have any questions and make sure you see my other items for sale.’ That’s all you need.

Time The Ending

When your eBay listing ends is really important because the more people on eBay then the more likely it is that you’ll get a bidding war. You want your listings to end on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday anytime from 5pm – 9pm. You can schedule your listings start time for free so set it to go live at 7pm so it will end at 7pm in the future.

To Bid or Buy

eBay offers two main options when you’re selling an item; ‘Buy It Now’ or ‘Auction’. Auction items have the bonus of no top price however you usually have to start them at 99p to gain attraction and appear in the search. Buy-It-Now items can be sold at any point and for the exact price you’re willing to pay. Weigh up your options and pick the right one for your product.

Know Your eBay Fees

eBay offers 20 free listings a month but they do take 10% of the sell price so keep that in mind when you see the final figure. They will bill you monthly so keep 10% aside for that bill. Also keep 3.4% aside as that’s what PayPal will charge. I usually keep 15% aside to be safe and keep my PayPal pot above zero.

Deal Professionally with the Issues

There will be issues. You can do everything perfect and there will still be issues. Unfortunately that is part of doing business – so if a customer isn’t happy, it’s best just to keep that smile on, remain professional and help them out (no matter how much they make your blood boil).

So these are my top tips for selling on eBay. It’s super easy especially via the free app so get listing and see first hand how stress-free it is and how much money it could make you this year.

This post way originally written as a guest post on the fantastic blog poundsandsense.com – go and check them out today

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